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Still waiting for the laser to arrive

I don’t know yet

Great laser

I researched a lot of different options for green lasers and Huepar was at or near the top of a lot of them . I saw a couple YouTube videos of actual people using it and was sold. This 3 axis laser so far has saved me a lot of time leveling my kitchen cabinets, running level then slightly downhill drain pipe , pictures, etc. I keep finding uses for it. Only complaint is the on and off button really just toggles different modes like vertical / horizontal/ and pulse mode . I would recommend this laser it’s as good or better than a the much more expensive ones. The hard case is awesome too. Would recommend the yellow extension tripod pole for high horizontal lines . Much nicer than searching around for something to set the laser on or if you don’t have a corner of a wall for the magnet to stick to the corner drywall bead .

Huepar LR5RG - Laser Detector for Laser Level Green

Received in timely manner. I have used this receiver twice now and found it to be very reliable. It is easy to set up and works well with my Huepar green laser. Sound is adjustable which is a plus and easy to hear I would buy this receiver again.

speedy service

I placed my order and received the product quickly. The product is of the highest quality and well worth the money. Great value!

Huepar FL360G - Tile Laser Level Laying Floor Alignment Green Beam

Battery life

The battery don’t last too long

Thanks, good quallity

Very nice equipment easy to use

Time saver in sloop calculations, and with horizontal and vertical checkout

We don't reseve de equipment.

Good laser for a great price!

Good quality! Especially for this price this laser is the best deal you can get ;)

Don't let the price fool you

This is a very good quality tool. Well made and accurate. It was well calibrated out of the box but my obsessive side made me tweak the bubble slightly. The low price made me hesitant but don't be. I am using it for landscaping and leveling decorative walls at my house. For me it is perfect without breaking the bank.

Huepar DT03CG

Haven’t really used in the field yet. Been learning the features available with it. So far very impressed with what I have learned so far!

Laser and level

This thing is great! Great value for the money

super good

I am very satisfied

Great tool

Awesome tool awesome price. I will be buying another for my crews.

Great tool indoors no problems at all, but not usable outdoors as the laser is not visible in normal day light even with partial shade.

Lifting house

It is work perfectly I am raising a 1400 square-foot hundred year old house putting a foundation underneath of it and it has done everything that I had expected and hope for.

Good quality tool

Good quality tool and not expensive like others.


Very nice tool, well crafted, easy to read. Stands up to all large name brands. 100% satisfied.

Huepar B02CG - Laser Level Cross Line Type C Charging Port and Hard Carry Case