Huepar AT2 - Laser Level Adapter

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  • THREE ROTARY KNOBS FOR ADJUSTMENT: The micro rotary knob tripod for laser level enables users to make 360°adjustment. The X rotary knob and Y rotary knob can be used to adjust horizontal position while working.


  • HEIGHT ADJUSTABLE and BUILT-IN HORIZONTAL BUBBLE: Users can adjust the height by rotating the three legs of the adapter even on a tilt surface.The Built-in Horizontal Bubble View Level can help you adjust the angle and accuracy.


  • 1/4 INCH MALE THREAD AND 5/8 INCH THREADED MOUNT: 1/4 inch male thread is suitable for any type of tool that comes with a mount size of 1/4 inch. And 5/8 inch threaded mount makes it possible to be attached to a tripod or other tool for use.


  • DURABLE DESIGN: This adapter features, durable design for bearing heavy loads and can withstand wear and impact of the job-site.


  • WIDE APPLICATIONS: AT2 adapter can be connected to any device that features a male thread as well as Huepar, 622CG/R, 621CG/R, 8211G, 8300G, 902CG, 901CG, 9011G, 9211G/R, GF360G/R,Box-1G/R, B21CG laser level.


tripod for laser level


With advanced laser level technology, Huepar is committed itself to providing solutions for a wide variety of applications of greater accuracy and precision. Shop tripod for laser level at Huepar store now!


Huepar AT2 Specifications: 

  • Item weight: 380g
  • Item size: 130*109*94mm
  • Adjustment: 360 Degree, Horizontal Position, Height Adjustment
  • Material: aluminum
  • Thread Mount Size: 1/4 inch male thread for laser level, 5/8 inch female thread for tripod


Huepar AT2 Features: 

  • Enables you to make a 360 ° turn adjustment
  • Allows horizontal fine tuning of the X-axis and the Y-axis
  • Made of durable aluminum, the construction site withstands wear and impact
  • Suitable for tools with 1/4 "thread mount like laser level, telescope etc.
  • Ideal for laser level brands: Huepar, Leica, Hilti, Dewalt, Stanley, Bosch etc.


tripod for laser level details


Compatible with: 

  • Compatible with all Huepar cross line lasers and all devices with 1/4 "-20 female thread at the market
  • Compatible with Huepar Cross Line Laser Level 901CG / 902CG, 621CG / R, 622CG / R, GF360G / R, 602CG / R, 603CG / R, 9011G / 9211G, Box-1G / R, 8211G / 8300G / B21CG
  • Suitable for laser levels of Huepar, Leica, Bosch, Hilti, Stanley, Dewalt, Tacklife etc.
  • Multi-directional setting:
  • This practical accessory tripod for laser level features fine adjustment of the laser line for positioning.
  • With the micro knob, user can make a 360 ° rotation clockwise or counterclockwise.
  • The X-axis knob and the Y-axis knob help user adjust the horizontal position back and forth, left and right.


self-leveling laser


Angle and Height Adjustment

  • User can adjust the height within 1cm by turning the three legs of the adapter.
  • The built-in horizontal bubble helps user adjust the angle and accuracy.
  • The fine tuning function enables user to adjust the position of the laser tool on uneven or sloping surface.


tripod for laser level details 


1/4 "-20 Male and 5/8" -11 Female

  • 1/4 "-20 male thread is suitable for all types of tools supplied with a 1/4" mounting size.
  • 5/8 "-11 female thread allows attachment to a tripod, laser telescope holder or other tools.
  • User can install the laser tool on a tripod without having to remove the adapter.


tripod for laser level - Huepar


Durable and User-friendly Design

  • This adapter is made of durable aluminum and can withstand the wear and stress of any jobsite.
  • It has thicker and stronger metal bearings, will not shake and be more stable when attached to heavy loads.
  • The soft rubber on each knob is designed to keep it from slipping when rotating the knob.
  • Three tapered legs fit for various construction sites.


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Dale Macko

Wish everything came with a case instead of having to go to Harbor Freight!!

George Moura

Huepar AT2 - Laser Level Adapter

Ernest neil Watson
Love it

I like the way it work

Gediminas Malinovskij

Good tools, for good price

Tamas Kovacs
Great tool

The Laser Level Adapter can be used to finely adjust the leveling laser. Quality product!