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S120Laser Distance Measure Specifications:

Laser class: Class 2, output power <1mW

Special Features: Dual Angle Measurement

Power source: 2 NiMH batteries

Measuring accuracy: ±1/16 inch(2mm), Angle range: ±90°, Working range: 196Ft/60M, 328Ft/100M, 393Ft/120M

Max storage: 30 units

Measuring units: M/In/Ft

Laser Wavelength: 635nm

Automatically cut off laser: 30s

Automatic shutdown: 180s

Dimension: 4.8x1.9x1inch(121x48x26mm)

Mount Size: 1/4"-20

Charging Port: TYPE-C Charging

This laser measure is designed to be used on a dim lighted area or indoor job sites. To use it outdoors, make sure that it is not in direct sunlight.


Package contents:

1 x Laser Distance Meter

2 x NiMH batteries

1 x Hand Strap

1 x TYPE-C cable

1 x User Manual

Area & Volume measurement methods

Huepar S120(S60/S100) Laser Distance Measure supports area, volume measurement modes and 3 Pythagorean measurement modes.

Distance & Continuous measurement methods

Huepar S120(S60/S100) Laser Distance Measure supports distance and continuous measurement methods.


Front/Middle/Back reference point & Large Button Panel Design

The tool can measure from three different reference points (the front, the middle and the rear of the device), making it easy to measure in different scenarios.

The large button panel design makes it easy to operate the machine. For example, when working with gloves, it is easier and more precise to press the required buttons.


Multiple Functions

30 groups data memory; Manually delete unwanted data

Change unit among M/In/Ft freely according to your needs. The default unit is meter.

Users can use the addition and subtraction function when measuring the length, area and volume.

Electronic Dual Angle Measurement:

Equipped with electronic Dual Angle Measurement, the laser distance meter delivers angle measurement in front and back, left and right directions to improve measurement efficiency.

Compared with single angle measurement and traditional bubble levels, Dual Angle Measurement can measure the front and back, left and right angles more conveniently and accurately.



This laser measure employed the included rechargeable 2 AA NiMH battery. And it can also be used with 2 AA alkaline batteries(not included). In addition, this laser distance meter can be used at job site with direct input charging even if taking out the batteries.


Mute Setting
Mute setting enable users to adjust the volume freely while measuring in some quiet places like library, classroom, etc.

Waterproof & Dust-proof

Featuring IP54 waterproof protects the laser distance measure to the maximum extent, under various working conditions.

It comes with a hand strap to prevent the laser meter from falling off the hand during operation.

It features small dimensions and a handy pocket-size design so that the laser measure can fit in any pocket.



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