Huepar Green Target Plate Card With Stand For Green Beam Cross Line Laser Levels Laser


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●Color: Green
● Usage: Indoor / Outdoor Use
● Shape: Rectangle Target Plate With Stand
● Functions: Laser Enhancement
● Suitable For: All Line Lasers
● Fixing Method: Can be Magnetic / Hold / Hanging On Wall & Floor
● Weight: 260g
● Size: 11.5cmx7.4cm


Package Includes:

1 X Huepar Green Laser Target Plate Card


Huepar provides a high standards of service, we provide 12-month replacement warranty as well as 30-day money back guarantee. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us.



The Huepar laser target card is used in conjunction with laser level or laser measure to enhance the visibility of the beam--even in very sunny conditions. This lightweight, easy-to-use card helps you achieve more precise results when planning or executing carpentry projects like steel framing projects or installing a drop ceiling.

  • Enhances the visibility of laser line or point, special reflective target film increases 1.3 times visibility of a green laser line or point when working over long distance or bright sunlight conditions.
  • Increments in INCH and CM: Easy read scale with centre zero in both inches and cm markings.
  • Multiple Ways of Fixing: Magnets for convenient attachment to metal studs, hole diameter for hook , back stand folds out to keep upright and steady on floor.
  • Positioning hole design for a comfortable hand-hold.
  • Suitable for alignment, laser level, cross line lasers, rotary lasers, laser measure and all green beam laser level.


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