Huepar DIY Laser Level Red Beam Laser With 2 Dots Huepar M-9211 R


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  • COMBINES PLUMB AND UP POINTS WITH CROSS LINE- Huepar 9211R self-Leveling laser level offers two points plus a cross-line for a two-in-one laser. This hybrid point and line laser tool combines all the features of the Huepar line laser plus point-to-point plumb, giving contractors in the commercial and remodeling trades maximum versatility.
  • FINE POSITIONING- This laser level offers cross-line accuracy of ± 3mm at 10m, up point accuracy of 3mm at 10m and down point accuracy of 3mm at 10m. Class II 510-530nm laser product.
  • SELF-LEVELING- The 9211R cross-line laser features the Smart Pendulum System, you are able to self-level on an inclined surface within 4 degrees. If the surface inclines over 4 degrees, the laser will flash to indicate you are out-of-leveling parameters. You can be confident that you are within optimal leveling range. Secure transport lock protects pendulum when unit is switched off. Manual mode locks lines for use at any angle.
  • INTUITIVE OPERATION & EXTRA LONG LASER LINES- Just gently press the power button to activate this device, easily project a cross line laser with plumb bob. Highly-visible laser lines with wide 110º horizontal, 180º vertical fan angles - easily-seen, long lines minimize the need to reposition the unit.
  • DURABLE & WARRANTY- This laser level is covered by TPR soft rubber for shock resistant, IP54 waterproof and dustproof, shockproof, wear resistant, impact resistance, cold and high temperature. Customer can enjoy 12 months limited warranty but up to 24 months longer warranty if you become a royal customer through the product registration (Offered on the package box).


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9211R Laser Level Specifications:

  • Laser: Red Beams
  • Laser Class: Class 2 (IEC/EN60825-1/2014), output power <1mW
  • Laser Wavelength: 635nm
  • Leveling Accuracy: ± 3mm/10m
  • Horizontal/Vertical Accuracy: ± 3mm/10m
  • Spread Coverage: H110°/ V110°
  • Leveling/Compensation Range: 4°±1°
  • Working Distance(Line) : 15m
  • Opearting Time: Approximately 10Hours (10 mw diode used to split beams)
  • Power Source: 2× AA Batteries , >1500mA (not included)
  • IP Rating: IP54, waterproof, dustproof and shockproof, reliable and tough
  • Operation Temperature Range: -10℃- +50℃
  • Storage Temperature Range: -20℃ - +70℃
  • Size:7.5x6.5x7.5cm(3”x2.6”x3”)


Avoid direct exposure of the laser beam to the eyes.

Two modes of use, with lock design, reduce losses and lock the movement.

➤Self-leveling mode:

Unlock the pendulum, self-leveling mode is enabled. The laser beam will blink continuously at 2Hz when the tool is beyond self-leveling range (4°±1°).

➤Manual mode:

Lock the pendulum, you can (use tripod or other bracket )place the laser tool at various angles to project non-level straight laser lines. Slashes can be projected.The laser beam will blink every 3-5 seconds to remind you that it's not self-leveling now.


How to power ON: Short press the power key or slide locking switch to turn the laser tool ON.

How to power OFF:Lock the pendulum before short pressing the power button to turn the laser tool OFF.

Various Kinds of Fixing Method:

Strong Magnetic L mount with triop thread can attaches the laser to any steels easily, turning around 360 degrees as you like.

➤With top quality Rotating Mounting Bracket, more convenient and can be turned around 360 degrees as you like.

➤It can also accpets a standard tripod screw to do height adjustment.

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