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Huepar GF360G

Huepar reduce the price .Good laser, very good price/quality ratio . The vertical line is not very visible at day .Fast delivery 7 days to Bulgaria, Sliven.

Great laser so far!

I ordered this laser to assist with our kitchen installs. Having never used one before there is a learning curve but it has helped just in the past two weeks I've owned it! I think it's worth spending the extra money on all the features of this model. At least for what we do. I did return the tripod as it was not stable. The yellow pole version I think is better overall.

Definitely the best customer service around. Always happy to help.
Thank you for you grateful support.

So this is the Huepar LR-5RG Receiver to use "outdoors" with the laser. It makes the laser simple to find in direct sunlight up to 200 ft. This is battery operated and runs on
2 AA batteries for 20 hours. The LR-5 weighs 5 0z(140grams)
***For reference the LR-6RG receiver uses 9v battery and offers 70 hours battery life & it weighs almost 1 LB @15 0z. (420grams)***
I chose the LR-5RG for ease of AA batteries and lighter weight.
The arrows tell you up or down or level & works with laser in "PULSE" mode.
The Receiver attaches to a grade Rod ,or my choice, just a simple 2x4 Story Pole.
Extremely Satisfied - I have 30 years of Masonry Contracting experience.

This is the Hueper GF360G Laser Level I got last weekend. Designed for the DIY Guy. I decided on this laser level for $149 and the outdoor receiver for $56. -Had time today to set it up, take some pics, and share the info. This has an amazing indoor/outdoor versatility, nice carry bag case, rechargeable battery, USB wall adapter, Dustproof & Waterproof,
¼ “ tripod thread fits any camera tripod-standard or mini, Magnetic wall bracket/ can also be used with a quick tack nail or screw, Locking Pendulum allows for 45 degree or other angles projected on walls for setting tile etc.
- Allows selection of any combination of the projected lines. The two vertical plumb lines intersect to Set Square on the floor & ceiling and the horizontal and plumb lines intersect to set square on walls. Worked great checking Grade levels today for the driveway I'll eventually replace with concrete.
Use it for everything and occasionally check those lines with a Real Bubble level. Super EZ & Brilliant.

My Laser Level experience started with a Bosch GCL100-80CG for $300. I was having problems with the horizontal line being way thicker and brighter then the vertical line. This was the case with the replacement one also. The Huepar Levels have consistent thin lines. I know own five different ones now. The little green Box crossline has the advantage ove the Bosch as far as price and thin consistency and just as bright. The S04CG same thin line and tons of features than the Bosch although the Bosch is a tad brighter. The S04CG is better used inside. I have both Box levels R and G I use them to check the level accuracy. They were certainly cheap enough. I am totally happy with the Hueper levels and would recommend them to anyone.

Used the level to place trim to hide uneven edge of wall after drop ceiling removed. Worked flawlessly. Bluetooth worked great and stopped me from needing to move climb ladder 12' in air to turn laser on and off.

Worked great for laying out tile and cabinet install.

Work perfectly. Will order a laser receiver so I can use the laser outdoors in the garden as well.

This is a great bit of kit for the money.
Comes in an acceptable carry case, rechargeable battery and charger as well as an alkaline battery caddy so you can use regular AA batteries. It even includes a set of batteries.

The equivalent from major brands would cost hundreds of pounds more maybe close to 1000.

Well worth the money and also the bluetooth app is okay. A little too basic and sometimes confusing to use. The app needs huge improvement.

Great bit of kit. It helped me find the laser line in bright sunlight.
I could not have done the work without this device.

If you do a lot of outdoor work, I would recommend this item.

Works well for what I need it to do, for the money you you can’t beat it

Worked like a charm! I like this laser level, it's really easy to setup and you have it working in a few seconds everytime.

Brilliant bit of kit! Works exactly as it should. Really well made, feels and looks really expensive, but it's great value. Only downside is the bracket it comes with, I prefer the upgrade that I bought from the site after realising it didn't adjust up or down when wall mounted.

I love the bracket! I wish it came with the laser I bought, as that one doesn't adjust up or down, which is the point of the bracket. As usual, the quality is fantastic! Only thing is, my laser is too big for it to rotate 360° unless it's at the top of its adjustment. A small flaw but I think this should be mentioned in the discription! Love the fact it clamps in place, the magnet is very strong too. Recommended!

I like that i can adjust the brigthnes with my phone.

Looks good and it looks like it is a good quality. Great powering opions (rechargable battery, adapter for AA batteries and direct power supply with USB C cable).
Didn't have time to check accuracy but it looks fine for my DIY needs.

Huepar service has been great. This is like the 6th level Ive purchased for my crews!

Much lighter than what I had expected, which is good for portability, but terrible on hardwood floor because floor bounces when I/anyone is moving, which shakes the laser. Would have much prefer it weighing and is as stable as a photographic tripod.