Green Beam Laser Level with Bluetooth, Laser Tool Set Huepar 603LP


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Specifications for Huepar 603CG-BT 3D Green Laser Level:

  • Laser Wavelength: 505-520nm, Class 2 (IEC/EN60825-1/2014), <1mW power output
  • Horizontal / Vertical Accuracy: ±1/9 inch at 33Ft
  • Leveling / Compensation Range: ±3.5°
  • Working Distance: 130Ft (100 LUX), 200Ft with Huepar Laser Detector LR-6RG / LR-5RG
  • Power Source: 7.4V / 2600mAh Li-ion Battery & 4 × AA (LR6) Battery
  • Reference Operating Time with Li-ion Battery: 7 hours with all laser beams on
  • Reference Operating Time with AA Batteries: 2 hours with all laser beams on
  • Mount Size: 1/4"-20 & 5/8"-11


Specification for Huepar Laser Telescoping Pole LP36:

  • Rod sections: 4 telescopic rod + 1 Tail rod (60cm/ 1.97ft for each section, 0-53cm / 0-1.74ft for arbitrary telescopic rod)
  • Max height after fully assembled: 12.14Ft/ 3.7m
  • Tripod height adjustable: 1.57-2.76Ft/ 48-84cm
  • Graduations: inch/ cm
  • Gross weight & Material: 6.66lb/ 3.02kg, Aluminum with a polyurethane coating


  • Do not point the laser beam directly into the eyes.
  • The device is a laser class 2 laser product according to IEC / EN60825-1 / 2014.


With advanced laser level technology, Huepar is committed itself to providing solutions for a wide variety of applications of greater accuracy and convenience.


  • ✔️PRACTICAL LASER TOOL SET: This laser level adopted Bluetooth technology which can be controlled by users through the smart phone and Huepar App. The laser mounting Pole with a tripod helps fix the laser tool to any height between the floor and ceiling within 12.14Ft. Operating via the Bluetooth APP, you can temporarily turn off the laser line if you need to leave for a while.
  • ✔️BLUETOOTH TECHNOLOGY: With Bluetooth connectivity, users can control the setup of the laser from across the room with smart phone and the Huepar App. Huepar App is available for free to download and use, the simple operation interface enables users to get started easily. Huepar APP can switch ON/OFF the laser lines and pulse mode, select the laser plane(s), adjust the line visibility and provide an out-of-level alarm.
  • ✔️MULTIFUNCTIONAL 3 x 360 LASER LEVEL: Three 360° laser lines cover all around the room and can be selected individually depending on job requirements. With the smart pendulum system, this laser tool can self level or switch to manual mode to project laser lines at any angle. Pulse mode extends the working range up to 150Ft when using with Huepar Laser Receiver in bright-light or outdoor conditions. Triple power solutions and battery level indicators bring much more convenience.

Connect 603CG-BT laser level with Free Huepar APP via Bluetooth Technology:


Line Switching

  • Short press "LASER" button to switch the laser line combinations in turn.
  • The laser lines can be selected separately according to job requirements via APP.
  • The laser line(s) can be temporarily turned OFF by phone when you need to leave for a while.


Visibility Adjustment:

  • The visibility/brightness of the laser beam can be adjusted by connecting with the Huepar APP.
  • Slide the brightness bar to the brightness you need.
  • The brightness adjustment function is not applicable after the pulse mode turned on.


Pulse Mode:

  • Short press "PULSE" button to switch ON/OFF the pulse mode.
  • When connecting with Huepar APP, The pulse mode can be switched ON/OFF via APP.
  • Pulse mode extends the working range up to 60m when using with Huepar Line Laser
  • Receiver in bright-light or outdoor conditions.
  • It is compatible with Huepar LR-6RG / LR-5RG Laser Detector only.



    Easy to Use

    • Metal Protective Cover: Over-molded metal top laser window with IP54 water/dust resistance ensures you work well in hazardous working environments.
    • Green Target Plate: Increases the visibility of the laser beam.
    • 360° Strong Magnetic Pivoting Base: Allows being adsorbed onto metal track and steel. The base provides 360° free rotation to meet different angles required.
    • Two Mount Sizes: 1/4"-20 and 5/8"-11 mounting threads for temporarily fastening in place or being fixed on tripod or laser mounting pole.


    Triple Power Supply:

    • This laser tool utilizes the included large capacity Li-ion battery which is compatible with Samsung SB-L110 battery.
    • This laser tool comes with a holder for installing AA batteries to power the tool.
    • Direct input charging: This laser tool can be used at job site with direct input charging even if take out the battery.
    • Charging protection help prevent the tool from overcharge.



    Package Contents

    • 1 x Huepar 3 x 360 Laser Level with Bluetooth 603CG-BT
    • 1 x Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
    • 1 x Power Adapter
    • 4 x AA (LR6) Batteries & 1 x AA Battery Holder
    • 1 x Magnetic Pivoting Base &1 x Laser Target Plate
    • 1 x User Manual for Laser Level & 1 x Manual for Huepar Bluetooth APP
    • 1 x Pouch Bag for Laser Level
    • 1 x Green Glasses & 1 x Black Glasses Case
    • 1 x LP36 Telescoping Pole Set(includes 5/8"-11 Screw Adapter)
    • 1 x Carrying Bag



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