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24/7 Premium service team

  • Equipped with factory-trained experts, Huepar's consumer service team strives to find the right solution for your needs – from advice to sales and repair & maintenance services.
  • You can enjoy efficient support from Huepar- we promise to respond in 24hrs and solve the problem in 48hrs.

Lifetime Customer Support

  • All Huepar products come with lifetime customer support - no worries about exceeding the service period.
  • All product defects, such as accuracy malfunction, battery and charger damage and requests for replacement parts will be dealt with on time, every time.


Huepar is committed to providing best-in-class service to our customers with our 24/7 service team (response in 24hrs, solution in 48hrs). We offer lifetime customer support (no worries about exceeding the warranty!) Our local maintenance center means your product can be repaired or replaced faster.

Fair price, superior quality (Little Higher Price, Much Better Quality)


Product Specifications:

Classification: Class II

Maximum Laser Power  (Single beam) Less than 1mW

Wavelength  Green: 520nm / Red: 635nm

MTBF: More than 20000 hours

Power Consumption: Up to 3 watts

Power Input: 110-265V  50-60HZ   

Operation: Indoor / Outdoor

Operating Temperature: -15°F to 35°F   

Projection Coverage: 230㎡

Warm-up time: 2 to 15 minutes

Remote Battery: CR2025, included   

Laser Classification:  

The instrument is a laser class 2 laser product according to IEC/EN60825-1/2014. It is allowed to use unit without further safety precautions. Eye protection is normally secured by aversion responses and the blink reflex.

The laser instrument is marked with class 2 warning labels. 


Package Content:

1 X Huepar Christmas Laser Light   

1 X Remote Control

1 X UL listed Adapter

1 X Conical bracket

1 X English User's Manual



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