Which is better red or green laser level?

September 09, 2021

Which is better red or green laser level?

Green vs Red Laser Level: What’s the Difference?

Laser levels come with either green or red beams for increased visibility. These beams help you get the most accurate results in a way that is easy, efficient, and convenient. But what color beam should you get? Many people assume that color options don’t offer much difference in performance, but this is far from true.

To find out exactly how green laser levels and red laser levels differ, read on. This comparison article covers both beam colors extensively and provides you with advice on how to choose between the two. Let’s get to it.

Overview of Green Laser Levels

Although red laser levels are more popular than their green counterpart, green laser levels are easier to use, have an increased range, and are more powerful. This, in part, means that green laser levels include more details, are more expensive.


When talking about either level’s visibility, you’re going to have to think back to your high school science class. The color green sits right in the middle of the spectrum of visible light. Even if you don’t remember what this means, that’s okay. You just need to know that this makes the color green the easiest to see to the human eye.

As a result, a green laser level is easier to see than the red, which falls to one end of the visible light spectrum instead of the middle. Since the color green is easier to see, it has clearer edges and further visibility. For example, the color green has a wavelength interval of 560 to 520 nm and a frequency interval of 540 to 580 THz.

If you are an average person, those numbers probably mean nothing to you. To put it simply: these levels mean that it provides four times as much light as a red level.

When working indoors, green laser levels will have a visibility range of 50 to 60 feet. Even more impressively, green laser levels can be used when working beyond 60 feet outdoors. All in all, green laser levels have superior visibility and viewing range.


Since green laser levels are so powerful, they have more parts than a red laser level. For example, green laser levels will have an 808 diode, a frequency doubling crystal, and more. As a result, green laser levels take more parts, time, and money to build than a red laser level.


Due to the increased parts, green laser levels are more expensive than red ones. This is why most lasers have red lights, not green ones. They are more expensive to make and require more time, as well. In fact, green laser levels are between 20% and 25% more expensive than red ones. This makes them less economical than red laser levels.

Battery Life

Once again, the extreme power of a green laser level comes with another downfall. Their battery life span is much shorter than the red counterparts. Whenever the battery starts to die, the visibility of the laser will be affected as well.

Best For

The green laser level is best for people who need maximum visibility. For example, when working outdoors, the green laser level is clearly the winner. And now the green laser level is very common, and the red laser level has been gradually forgotten by the market. Although the visibility of the green laser is 4 times that of the red laser level, it is best to use a receiver with a receiver to work normally outdoors when using strong light outdoors.